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Shocking Crimes That Did Not Make The News Headlinesfrom May 22nd, 2013

Michigan is one of those states that has both great neighborhoods and really impoverished ones. Moving to Michigan can seem a little bit daunting because you never know which type of neighborhood you’re moving into and what type of crime runs rampant where you and your loved ones are going to be living. One thing that you need to remember is that moving to Michigan should never be done blindly when it is extremely easy for you to find crime information right on the Internet in your very own home.

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The Most Dangerous Streets In The State Of Michigan

If you’re planning to move to Michigan, one thing you need to do is to ensure that the place you’re going to is crime-free or is at least a suitable place to raise the family. This particular state has a very bad reputation mainly because of Detroit and all of its suburbs. By doing a [...]

Unique Community Organizations That Help Prevent Violence Crime

The fight against crime seems like an insurmountable problem that grows with each passing day. Neighborhoods are commonly run over with drugs and violence always seems imminent. Residents do not always feel police do enough to help in troubled neighborhoods. The truth is residents have to get involved to help deter crime on their streets. [...]

How The Economy Is Affecting The Crime In Detroit

How The Economy Is Affecting The Crime In Detroit The Collapse of Detroit It is difficult to pinpoint the trends between job growth and crime rates in Detroit. After the housing market collapsed in Detroit, crime rates began to soar. In this sense, a negative economy played an inspiring role in influencing the crime rate [...]

What Are The Most Common Crimes In Michigan

Detroit, Michigan has the highest crime rate in the state. Common crimes include drug use and possession, assault and battery and theft. Michigan law enforcement agencies are aware of the crime problems and work to improve the statistics. Other American cities that have a high crime rate include, New Orleans, St. Louis and Oakland. Detroit [...]